I realize I never updated this site regarding my whereabouts. I stepped down as class teacher when my daughter about 6 months old. My class was in the middle of Second Grade.  I also moved to a 20 acre homestead, where I am at home with her everyday. We raise animals, tend to the land, and strive for a simple life. 

Finding a place for art was challenging, but not impossible. For me, it took broadening my definition of art. Reading “The Spiritual Task of the Homemaker” helped immensely. Everyday I am an artist. As a teacher, I realized that the entire day is an art–how we structure the day is like the layout and storyline of a novel, the composition of a painting, etc. It works or it doesn’t. It’s masterful and fluid, or arduous and difficult to make sense of. The children always showed me whether or not the days lesson worked. My daughter does the same for me now. I strive to do better, be more creative, and flexible. Flexibility. This is the most important, and has been part of my inner work for many years. 
I hope to update and post more! Here are a few things I’ve done while on this journey of Motherhood. 
  Rendering lard from our homegrown hogs.   
  Beet kvass

  Blackberry soda (fermented)